Top 5 Essential Oils for Luscious Hair Growth

Rulers, length check shirts, progression pictures, it seems sometimes we naturalista’s can get a bit caught up in hair growth. We flip through pictures of hair crushes, wondering what miracle gene they must’ve been blessed with.

Truth is anyone can grow long, healthy hair.

It takes time, patience, and the right products to reach long lengths. Maintaining moisturekeeping your scalp clear of debris, and follicle stimulation are a few things you can do to jump on the road to success.

There are many products on the market that claim to help stimulate hair growth, but when applying the product, sometimes less is more, which is why essential oils are perfect for the job.

Essential oils( are taken straight from the plants of mother nature. They can serve many purposes, from medicinal to cosmetic and have been a go-to for centuries. 

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known for its many talents. It’s powers date back thousands of years when it was used to cure viruses such as the common cold. Now it is a common ingredient used in over the counter acne medications.

Tea tree is a natural antiseptic that helps get rid of bacteria or fungi.

When applied to hair, this is very beneficial to those who suffer from scalp irritations like dandruff or lice. It acts as an exfoliant by removing debris from the scalp, allowing hair follicles to clear. Clear follicles mean room for natural oils to coat the hair and an easier environment for new hair to push through.  

2. Bur Oil

Bur oil is a precious gem many of us ignore. Bur, or burdock, is obtained from the burdock root. The oil is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols.

Phytosterols closely mimic cholesterol by helping to soften and keep frizz under control.

The fatty acids found in burdock are very rare and help hair grow. It helps by providing nutrients that help the oil glands and hair follicles function.

3. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is also essential for hair growth. This oil serves as an astringent, which helps balance the scalp’s PH level. Pure peppermint oil can be strong, so dilute it with water before applying.

This oil works by penetrating the scalp and regenerating the hair follicle. Once this type of environment is created on the scalp, circulation will increase, and your hair will grow.

It can also help prevent hair loss, fight dandruff, and reduce excess oil!

Excess oil can clog the follicle, making it hard for new hair to resurface. 

4. Lavender Oil

Lavender is an essential oil often added to products for fragrance. Originating from the Mediterranean, Lavender was used as a healing and relaxation aid for disorders such as stress and insomnia.

As we know, stress is proven to cause hair loss issues, such as alopecia. 

For hair, lavender aids in improving circulation and fighting infection. It can also be used to treat scalp conditions such as psoriasis!

Maintaining a healthy scalp is essential for healthy hair growth, which is why lavender can be a hero product.

5. Jojoba Oil 

Oh jojoba! Most of us already know the wonders you work for our hair!

Jojoba helps to moisturize the hair by acting as our scalps natural oils.

Jojoba can be used to hydrate any part of the body; it even makes a good makeup remover.

The jojoba shrub itself is known for its ability to withstand harsh environments. If this plant can live worry-free in the desert, imagine how well jojoba’s moisture can bind to your hair. Making sure your hair is hydrated at all times will ensure your strands don’t get dry and brittle( 

Essential Hydration

Remember, only 90% of your hair is alive and growing, you want to prevent as many strands as possible from entering its resting period to maintaining long, voluminous hair.

You must keep your scalp clean so hair can push through properly, and you must keep each strand hydrated.

Simple Hair Loss Solutions that Work

Significant hair loss is such an alarming and awful problem anyone can experience. If you have not experienced such a traumatic problem, well you are still lucky for having fuller and thicker hair. But not everybody is fortunate enough to channel one’s crowning glory that is full of life.

On average, hair sheds but it is not that noticeable at all. According to studies men lose about forty strands of hair or more every day and women at bout seventy hair strands a day or more. That is too much even though one can have at least a hundred thousand of hair on their head. Moreover, hair grows for about half an inch to three inches per month only depending on how healthy your hair is or how well you take care of your hair.

Hair loss solutions keep on popping out every now and then but not all work to your advantage. Sometimes these hair remedies can make or break your hair. But what really causes hair loss? Before you can fully understand the hair solutions or hair remedies you want to try and use, you should know the basics of what causes hair loss and how to avoid them.

People lose their hair due to the following reasons:

  1. Medical problems which include scalp infections and other skin problems, thyroid diseases and “permanent-pattern baldness” mainly occur in men than in women.
  2. Hormonal problems such as hormonal imbalance which happen more in women than in men.
  3. Treatment of medical conditions such as cancer, heart problems, and diabetes.
  4. Over styling of hair like coloring, hair curling and other treatments that use harmful chemicals and are dangerous to scalp and hair.
  5. Poor lifestyle, diet, and weight problems.
  6. Normal aging is also a factor that causes hair loss.

So what are the simple and easy solutions or remedies to treat hair fall and hair loss? However, be aware that not all hair treatments are cures for hair loss, for the reason that not all people have the same hair structure and hair situations. Thus, it is important to understand that your hair loss problem may not be the same as the others; your problem is exclusive to you alone. Here are some useful tips and hair solutions on how to prevent recurring hair damage and hair loss.

  1. Live a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious food and do away with fatty and salty foods. Your food intake greatly affects your body as a whole. Always remember this: “What you are is what you eat.”
  2. Go the natural way. It has been proven that some alternative methods help in hair loss treatment, such as acupuncture, scalp massages, and chiropractic adjustment. Some even resort to adding herbs(Maca Root Powder for Fast Hair Growth) in their diet.
  3. Do not pull, twist or tie your hair too tight. Let your hair loose and only tie them when necessary.

For extreme hair loss treatments, you can undergo surgery. This process is done through hair transferring of hair from one side of the scalp to the other side which may already be balding. But these hair transplants have different results since hair fall will still happen. 

Others can also try hair shampoos that can improve hair growth every so often. You may also try certain medicines that could enhance the growth of hair it is not always advisable since people may have adverse reactions to drugs. 

So be careful about what hair solution to choose, it is always your discretion to be conscious of what treatments you will follow. Well, if MSM for hair growth treatment and all hair loss solutions do not work for you, you might as well just try hairpieces or wigs with different styles to suit your taste.

Useful Hair Growth Vitamins

There are now lots of people all over the world who are being affected by hair abnormalities such as hair loss and thinning. In every country in the world, there are millions of people who are being affected by this hair condition that they need to treat for them to get rid of being bald.

Once you noticed that you are about to lose a lot of hair, you need to take an action before the time is over. You should know that there are lots of hair growth tips provided by professionals and other experienced individuals.

One of the most recommended procedures for you to get rid of being bald is by knowing the hair growth vitamins needed. There are lots of vitamins and minerals needed by the hair for them to grow healthier than ever before. These vitamins are the most important hair growth tips that you should consider.

What vitamins are good for your hair?

One of the most important hair growth vitamins that you should have is vitamin A. Although this particular vitamin is known for the sense of sight, it can also have effects for your hair. Vitamin A as hair growth vitamins can produce sebum that is healthy for your hair. Most of the individuals all over the world have healthy hair because of this vitamin that they use as one of the most important hair growth tips.

Another vitamin that your hair should have for it to be healthy is vitamin C. Even your hair needs antioxidant for them to be healthy that you can find in using this particular vitamin.

Vitamin E is also one of the most important hair growth vitamins that you should consider to get rid of being bald. The main purpose of this vitamin is that it can improve the circulation of the scalp. While your scalp has normal circulation and healthy, your hair will also be healthy as they are connected with each other.

Keratin is needed by your hair as this holds another large role for it to be healthy and get rid of being thin. Lots of hair growth tips said that Biotin is the best source of Keratin as this is also a useful vitamin for the particular matter.

For the health of hair follicles, the best vitamin is the Inositol. For scalp production and circulation, niacin is the most recommended nutrient to have.

Although there are lots of hair growth tips made by professionals and other experienced individuals all over the world, you should make sure about the food that you eat as it can also be related to the health of your hair.

Hair growth vitamins are not only found in hair products such as shampoos and conditioners. Instead, most of the vitamins that can work for your hair can be found on the food that you eat. Some of the healthy foods that you should eat for you to be sure about the health of your hair are fruits and vegetables. Professionals are the ones who are authorized to give different hair growth tips that you can use.